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Honestly I regret the day i met you. though it was one of the


I regret the day i met you.
though it was one of the best days
and the memories get me through the worst
i look back and wish it never happened
because the day i met you
was the day i fell for you.
but i guess the feeling isnt mutual.
i sat bored in biology
texting you and dreaming of what my facebook
would look like when i divorced my bestfriend
and was in a relationship with you
i dreamt of our almost first kiss
that was inturrupted by that kid
of you rolling down the hill
of the look in your eyes when i said
"my purse cost more than your xbox."
and the other day when i was once again creepin
i saw you had a girlfriend
then yesterday i went to the place of memories
and wished you never caused me the pain...

all mine; format credit - flip_that_emo_hair


oohheeyx3 6 years ago
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why thank you biffles
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tightgriponreality 6 years ago
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posted February 28, 2011 at 12:45pm EST tagged with vent

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