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I will fall for a boy who will: Stand out in the rain with me.

I will fall for a boy who will:
Stand out in the rain with me.
Cook with, or for me.
Let me sing along to the radio.
Keep surprising me.
Watch movies with me on lazy days.
Remember the little things.
Help me face my fears.
Start play fights with me.
Write me post-it love letters.
Always says what's on his mind.
Let me wear his clothes.
Shut me up with kisses.
Call me things like darling, not babe.
Hug me and say "no your not", when i say I'm fine.
Treat me sometimes, like a child.
Treat me sometimes, like an adult.
Love me back♥


taylorfortune1 5 years ago
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LOL, im going to nonchalantly show this to my boyfriend (; Maybe he'll get some ideas. He does most of these things though! but stilll c:
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girlinside21 5 years ago
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Just saying but.... I LOVE THIS QUOTE!
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xxsunshinetonightxx 5 years ago
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I'm almost positive your a mind reader♥
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RacheelIsMexD 5 years ago
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I Had A Guy Who Did Most Of This,And I Let Him Go Over Something Stupid </3
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cvnt* 5 years ago
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This better be a Top Quote soon(:
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