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I am a kid sitting in a familiar house One that I could draw

I am a kid sitting in a familiar house
 One that I could draw for you with my eyes closed
Except, this house
this house is everything but familiar to me
I feel like
I'm just that guest
staying in the room upstairs to the right
The person you can yell at and feel no regret
I am a kid
who can't get her words out fast enough
Afraid that if she doesn't say the right thing,
No one will listen
let alone hear her
I am a kid
determined to do the right thing... Always
But somehow takes a wrong turn... Somewhere
I am a kid
who's childhood is twice broken
Shattered into a million pieces
Left to pick them all up
All by herself
I'm that kid
But I'm also a kid...
That can be so much more than what you see
I am... could be...

If you'll only just let me


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