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s e c r e t l y , one day i wished to be a model. not because

s e c r e t l y ,
one day i      wished to be a model. not because i think i'm the
prettiest,     skinniest,    or the most graceful, but i want to feel
beautiful, and i thought that maybe if i saw myself in a magazine
or had people telling me i was while taking pictures of me all day
i would believe i was, that the scars on my arm wouldn't matter,
and     i     would     look     in     the     mirror     and             i
actually    liked  what  i  saw    .   but  your  words  killed    me.
" y o u ' r e   p r e t t y ,   j u s t   n o t   l i k e   m o d e l   p r e t t y . "
thank you for killing my secret dream.



coolata 1 decade ago
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i believ you can do anything you set your mind too..don't let anyone bring you down. i believe in you. & your beautiful♥
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augustiverde 1 decade ago
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never ever forget how gorgeous you are & don't let anyone important stuff up for you. :)
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