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remembering things that aren’t to be remembered bring back

remembering things that aren’t to be remembered
  bring back memories of when I would surrender
     my love, my heart, and my thoughts to your accusations
  am I really the only one who has any patience?
you know I loved you when everything was as it seemed
    but when you turn your back on promises
          you turn your back on me
   I can’t stand the feeling of losing everything I own
     to one who can’t bear to see that my heart has finally grown
I’m not the sight that you saw the first day
 I was together, the puzzle pieces knew their way
  now I am shattered, and the shards seem to stay
   out of my reach; they’re just too far away
hen the night wind blows, do you think about me?
do you think about the place in which I’ll always be?
   “my heart is yours, take it.”  
      no, I don’t want it anymore
  if violence can take the place of whom you once adored
nd I am not giving in to your little games.
   “come closer, you know that it’ll be okay.”
but it's not okay
   and who could ever even say that it was?
I bet your harsh words leave you with an adrenaline rush
eeling down, feeling out, but not ready to give up
I left this old house, I figured I'd been through enough
    who would’ve ever thought that you’d come chasing after me
 saying, “please, you know I never meant those things!”
ut you did mean it, and there is no changing the fact
 that when you raised your fist the last time,
        I was done with all that
 that was my home, before you put bruises on my face
   but you know what?
   I don’t think that I’m going to ever miss that place
I’m not the sight that you saw the last day.
  I was shattered; the shards were just too far away.
now I am together, the puzzle pieces have finally found their way
       and I know for sure that this time, they are here to stay


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