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i can remember when i would sit and watch you play with herhow

i can remember when i would sit and watch you play with her
how you loved her so much
looking at herm you saw the world in her eyes
her fagile skin not knowing how cruel the world is today
she'd sit and play looking at you
when she cried you'd hold her
you'd feed her, give her the tender love and care she needed
you told her you'd be back in a few hours and you loved her
hours came and went
where were you?
then it happened.....the call
from that moment not only her world but many lives fell apart
you were gone.....so fast
you were sapost to come home.....watch movies
now you cant
only 19 years old.....leaving a daughter and loved ones behind
she was so young not even 1 years old

the anniversary is coming once again. Its been 3 years and how much she has grown is amazing. how much she has already been through. Loosing her father and mother who isn't around. It's hard to look at her and know how much pain she'll be in when seh finds out about you and her mother. She's still to young to wonder where you are? Why are'nt her parents around. But one day she'll wonder. I'll sit on Halloween thinking about you, once again and how the world lost a great father, friend, boyfriend,and son that night. Shed tears of pain. It still feels so real, like it just happened. I just want to say that we'll never forget you, we miss you and love you so much.

R.I.P.    Dave Delbuono 89-05

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