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I could tell my friends I am mad at you, and that I don't care

I could tell my friends I am mad at you, and that I don't care who you date because we are "Just Friends". But deep down inside it still kills me that you could love someone more than me. There's always been something there with us. I just wish that for once I wasn't that only one seeing it. Yeah sure you have her and so many others who like you. But in my eyes no one will ever be good enough for you. You are my BestFriend<3, my world...but you can only push me away for so long because next time I may not come back. Just remember that ;; you can only use me for so long before one of two things happen. I will either get sick of it, or I will just realize you have lied to me one to many times and leave you and not come back. Please don't make me do that.

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