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Who would have thought, that after all we had been through in

Who would have thought, that after all we had been through in the past two years we would be saying goodbye for the final time. 

your gone,just like that,out of my life...its unbearable this pain that im feeling..i actually love going to school, i get to see your face, and hear your voice, but schools ending, what am i going to do them..?

remember last summer when we snuck out and we talked and talked and your beautiful voice put me to sleep and you held me in your arms... thats something i miss so much, having that feeling of security of being in your arms, i miss how we would talk for hours on the phone, i miss how comfortable i was with you, but mainly what i miss the most is just having you there for me just being close to you..

i want last summer back, even though there were some bad times we worked through it.. this times different though..we cant work through it, and theres no going back to what we had..

 you are and will be the only guy for me, but i cant have you. If only you knew what i was feeling...and what i was thinking...i hope your happy with your new girlfriend...i hope shes better than me..

ill always love you.</3

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