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Young Stupid and in Love♥ Chapter One : Rumors Rihannah's

Young Stupid and  in  Love

Chapter One : Rumors

Rihannah's POV ♥

♫ We Were Both Young When I First Saw You ♫

"Rihanna! i got something to tell you!" that was Natalie, my best friend since, gosh since i could ever remember. "Coming!" i shouted out to her. she was stood outside the bathroom because she had this weird thing about being in the school toilets. i never understood why. i looked into my reflection in the schools mirror. i wasn't pleased with what i saw. my blonde hair was flat. urgh. i ran my fingers through my hair and put a coat of lipgloss on my very dry lips. i stared into my own eyes. the girl looking back was just one of those girlls who wanted to be loved. thats all. 

i walked out of the stuffy toilets and there she was. my beautiful bestfriend who has been there for me whenever i needed her. Natalie's fire red hair was magnificent. i wanted to touch it. but i kept my hands exactly where they were. nobody touched Natalies hair."Ok, so what's so urgent?" i asked her... but i already knew the answer, i found out a week ago.. i just didnt want to get too exicted over it.
"there is a rumour going round that Gabriel likes you..." i couldn't stop the huge grin forming on my face.. but i didn't want to get my hopes up.. "rumours are just that.. rumours.. its probably not true"  

* Author's Note *
So this is my new story(:Im going to write more anyway but
would love feedback !
commets and faves are appreciated,
Please && Thankyou !
if you read this omg you don't understand how much i love you ! 


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