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We're what love is about chap 8 He went downstairs to find

We're what love is about chap 8

He went downstairs to find us not there, Deven: i wonder where they went, he got out his phone, Abby took him from him. Abby: some alone time just what we need , she clung to his shirt, he pulled her off. Deven: no, i can't i promised Toria i'd wait for when she's ready, Abby: wow your waiting for her, well i'm ready now <3, Deven: get off of me , she started  kissing all on him he couldn't get her off, she pushed him he fell into the couch. 

We started to walk back, i couldn't help it i didnt' want to leave Deven for even da second with that b*tch. I stormed into the house to find Abby all over Deven, me:i told you not to mess with my Deven now it's on b*tch, Abby: she got up bring it on. I came at her i started to swing but missed he punched my face, came up behind her pulled her hair, she pushed me and got me on  the floor and started kicking me. I felt the pain start to form and i couldn't get up she just kept kicking, Abby: that is for stealing my man, he's mine! Last thing i heard was Deven tell her to stop and i blacked out.


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