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This Or That Quiz [] Eminem or Lil Wayne [] -Neither [] UGGs

This Or That Quiz
[] Eminem or Lil Wayne [] -Neither
[] UGGs or flip flops [x]
[] smoothies or slushies [x]
[] Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson []-Neither
[x] beach or swimming pool [x] Both :D 
[x] Witty or Facebook [x] Both :D
[x] movies or TV shows [x]-Both 
[] curly hair or straight [X]

[]Chris Brown or Rihanna[] Neither
[] sky dive or bungee jump[]- Neither.
[] Six Flags or Disneyland[x] 

[x] Italian food or Mexican food []
[x] Converse or Vans []
[x] Twilight or Harry Potter[]
[x] Knee-Highs or Ankle-socks []
[x] Chocolate or Vanilla []
[x] Reading or Writing []
[x] Hot Fudge or chocolate syrup []
[] Homework now or homework later [x]
[] Fish or Chicken [x]
[x] Boyfriend or Boy friend [x] Both :)
[x] Music or Phone [x] Both<3
[x] Family or friends [x]I love them both<3

[x] Abercrombie or Hollister []
[x] dogs or cats []
[] Winter or Summer [x]
[x] solo artists or bands []
[x] singing or acting [] (none of the above) []
[x] pictures or videos []
[x] softball or lax[] 
[x] books or magazines[x]
[x] love or friendship[x]
[x]straight or gay[]
[x]beautiful or hot[]
[x]asleep or awake[]

[x]sun or stars[]
[x]cake or pie[]
[]m&ms or skittles[x
[x]pancakes or French toast[]
[x] Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato[] 
[x] basketball or volleyball[]
[x] cupcakes or muffins[]


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