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Chapter Two Charlotte Kacey I swear to god. If one more of these

Chapter Two
Charlotte Kacey

swear to god. If one more of these germ covered poor people try to talk to me again I will jump off this freaking plane. As I slam my tray table up the forty year old man to my left looks at me curiously. “Mind you own business, creep” I’m so done. Ever since my parents got that damn letter from that prison school in England, they’ve decided to cut me off. Before I got the letter (before my life was ruined) my parents barely talked to me. But when that letter showed up, they decided to be the Super Parents of the century. They cut me off from everything…. My friends, my credit cards and my boyfriend. I sighed at the thought of leaving it all behind. Not because I’d miss my friends, but because I’d miss the Popularity… always being stared at, always setting the trends. But whatever, I can do that at St. Augustine’s… I hope.

Reaching into my bag I grab the first thing my hand touches, when I pull it out I see that it’s a People Magazine with my mom and dad on it. The headline says ‘Celebrity Power Couple Still Going Strong’ I throw the magazine to my left in disgust, not caring that it hits the old man from before. Reaching further into my bag I grab my cell phone. The only thing my parents didn’t take away from me. Crap, I think as I remember that I’m supposed to call Trey. I unbuckle my seatbelt and step past the Creep… the smile on his face as I scooted by him was gross. As I enter the bathroom I flip open my phone and scroll through the hundreds of contacts, looking for one in particular. When I find ‘Trey Williams’ I press the call button and press it against my ear. When he finally answers I hear a girl in the back round.  “Hey Trey, it’s me Charlie... your girlfriend” he doesn’t respond for a few seconds before saying “Oh yeah, about that… since you’re going to Boarding school in all for being a delinquent and sh*t… I don’t think this relationship is going to work” When I finally register the shock that he broke up with me I respond back “That’s exactly why I was calling. Since there is going to be tons of boys at my school and all, I didn’t think it would be fair to you if I was going around flirting with them” Satisfied with my response I wait for him to reply. “Isn’t it an all girls school?” The girl in the back round giggles and my face turns bright red. “screw you” I say as I hang up. I then lean against the sink with my head in my hands… why is my life so messed up? “Excuse me, miss. I need to use the bathroom” I hear from the other side of the door. “yeah, yeah” I say as I walk out. Eager to fall asleep and forget about all the drama I pretty much jump into my seat. But, as I close my eyes… the pilot announces that we are making our descent. He might as well say “welcome to hell”

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this is really good, i love your character!(:
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