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Forever; With You♥ Chapter twenty-one. Chase wasn't

ForeverWith You♥
Chapter twenty-one.
   Chase wasn't there all day. i was really worried, so when i got home, i called him.
   No answer.
   Alyssa wanted me to go over her house for 'Movie Monday'. But i really just wanted to get a hold of Chase. Since i promised i'd go over, i did.
   "Sariena, quit worrying. You're ruining the fun of Movie Monday." Alyssa said when she noticed i wasn't watching The Notebook; i was staring at my phone.
   "Lys, you don't understand. What if something's wrong?"
   "Neena, if something's wrong, his mom would contact you." She said, matter-of-factly.
   "She doesn't have my number, Alyssa."
   "Yeah? But Chase does. She can use his phone."
   "Yeah, i guess so."
   "Come on, stop worrying. i'm sure everything's fine. This is your favorite movie, just watch it."
   "Alright." i watched the movie.

   *1 New Message*
   hey, Sariena. it's Chase's mom. He's sick and he needs his sleep, and i knew that he wouldn't get any sleep if he was talking to you. so i took his phone. you can talk to him tomorrow at school. -Chase<3

   Okay, thanks for telling me. -Babygirl<3

   *1 New Message*
   You didn't hear it from me, but you're saved as Babygirl in his phone. -Chase<3

   i couldn't help but smile like an idiot. Alyssa noticed.
   "What is it? he text you?"
   "No, his mom did." i showed her the messages, still smiling. 
   "Awwwh, that's ADORABLE!" Alyssa said. "You're his babygirl."
   "yes, i am." i loved that idea.
   "i'm gonna get some coffee from Dunkin next door, you want anything?" Alyssa said, leaving me alone in her house, smiling stupidly.
   "The usual."
   "French Vanilla Coffee Coolata? Small or medium?"
   "Small." it was getting late, i didn't want to have too much caffine that i couldn't sleep tonight.
   "Okay, be back in ten minutes. Wanna make subs for dinner?"
   "Sure. Turkey or tuna?"
   Alyssa went to get the coffees next door, and i made us tuna subs with lettuce, cheese, and pickles. Our usual.
   We ate dinner on her couch, watching MTV's Disaster Date.

   "Where you been?" Kyle asked me when i showed up home at nine.
   "Alyssa's. Where's mom?" i said, getting ready to take a shower.
   "Yup." he responded through the bathroom door. "Chase called. He wanted to talk to you."
   "Did he leave a message?"
   "Oh." Even i could hear the disappointment in my voice.

sorry it's slow. have to get through the rest of the school year. more to come.

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