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Forever; With You♥ Chapter twenty-two. "Chase!"

ForeverWith You♥
Chapter twenty-two.
   "Chase!" i yelled across the grass in front of the school.
   "Sariena!" Chase responded.
   i ran at him and hugged him. He picked me up, i wrapped my legs around him, and he kissed me. It was perfect for me.
   My fairytale kiss.
   "i missed you." i said when we pulled apart, him still holding me.
   "i missed you too, sweetheart. But we're both here now."
   The bell rang and we had to get to our homerooms. He let me go and we walked into school holding hands. It was the most romantic morning of my life.
   "Sariena, i have to say; that was absolutely adorable outside." Kyle told me in homeroom.
   i was surprised.
   "Don't think nobody saw it, sis. Everyone did." he laughed.
   "Everyone? i kinda doubt that."
   "Okay, maybe not everyone..."
   Mr. M started teaching, then he laughed mid-sentence.
   "There's no way i'm getting teenagers to listen to history when it's 85 degrees outside, sunny, and beautiful and there's six days left of school." Mr. M smiled at all of us. "We're going to play outside today."
   "Whoooooooo!" "Yes!" "Seriously?!" "No way!" "Cooool bro." 
   i met Chase's gaze from across the room. Let's go for a walk. He mouthed.
   Okay. i mouthed back, and smiled.

   It was beautiful outside. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining down on the dew covered grass. Since it was still only nine in the morning, it was only about 70 degrees at the moment.
   I came to find out, that the entire grade was staying outside all day.
   Chase grabbed my hand and lead me out around the fields. We walked around the soccer fields for about an hour; just talking, laughing, holding hands.
   i loved it.
   Then we sat down under a tree in the shade and watched some of the grade play soccer, still holding hands.
   i felt like we were as close as ever.
   "Guess what tomorrow is?" he whispered in my ear.
   "Wednesday?" i joked.
   "Well, yeah, but.. it's the eleventh." he looked hurt.
   "i know. It's our four month." i responded.
   he smiled.
   "What do you wanna do?" he asked.
   "No, tomorrow, silly."
   "Oh" i though about it. "Be with you."

romantic, huh? it's getting there. keep reading pleaseee!<3


grownsimba 1 decade ago
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lol... is this the end of the story?
more please.
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shelovesyu 1 decade ago
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please write more....♥
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