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The Witty Academy [Part II ] The plane landed and I stared out

The Witty Academy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 [Part  II ]
The plane landed and I stared out my tiny window. California was a lot different compared to New York. I grabbed my luggage and got off the plane. I saw a lot of teenage girls. Which said a lot. I figured they were all here for Witty Academy. I felt really akward around them. I walked out front and got a taxi.
The taxi pulled up to the dorm building. It was huge. I dragged my suitcase up to the building. I walked inside and it was really nice. The lady at the desk greeted me.
"Hello! Welcome to Witty Academy!" she smiled and shook my hand.
"Hi.. um I'm Kenzie," I said nervously.
"Oh, okay!" she smiled and went through some papers. "Here is your schedule .. and the key to your dorm. It's number 327; 4th floor."
"Thanks," I smiled and walked to the elevator. I pressed the silver '4'  button and stood there. Another girl rushed in all out of breath.
"Sorry! I needed to get to my dorm really fast," she laughed.
"No, it's cool! What floor?" I asked.
"Four," she panted.
"Me too," I smiled.
"I'm Molly," she said.
"Kenzie," I smirked.
"Dorm number?" she asked.
"Uhh 327," I said while looking at my golden key.
"No way! Same!" she squealed.
I laughed and pressed the button again. We went up to floor number 4 and walked out. I dragged my suitcase down the hall. The dorm was at the end of the hall. Molly ran over to the door and jumped inside. She was a very energetic girl. I quietly walked inside and set my suitcase down. I looked around at all of these girls who would be my roomates.

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