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"Mind Games" Macy's POV: Chapter 3 I didn't

"Mind Games"
Macy's POV: Chapter 3

I didn't even answer him. I put my arm around his neck and I kissed him. I pulled away and opened my eyes.
"I'm taking that as a yes" George said while laughing. The ride came to a stop. The guy opened the mini door and Me and George holding hands, stepped out. There were all my friends, Standing infront of the ride. " You did it!" Tayler screamed. I looked at George. He nodded. "Wait, Did you guys plan this?" I said while laughing.
"A little" George said while smiling.
"Oh my god!" I started to smile.
"I love you" George said. 
"I Hate you too " I said while smiling.
"Hey mace, If we didn't encourage him to ask you out, you'd
still be single" Desire` said.
"Where gunna leave you two alone, I'll see you later" 
Kari said.
I nodded.
"Wanna go night surfing?" George asked.
I ran to the surf board shed.
"No one will mind if we borrow there surf boards" I  said while laughing.
"Here" I said while handing a blue surf board to George.
I took the pink one and we both ran to crashing point.
I threw myself on my board and swam out. George closely following.
I was just about 15 feet in front of the nets that kept fish out of the water. I sat up on my board & watched the fire works crash in the water. George swam up next to me. We just sat there and watched the beautiful fireworks. I watched the people on the board walk set them off. I watched a pink one fly up into the sky. I slowly watched it fall. It looked like it was coming towards me. I just sat there and watched the the lite firework come towards me.
"Macy! Move!" I heard George scream. I heard all the people on the board walk and on the beach screaming at me to move. But I sat there motionless. *BOOM* I felt the firework hit my shoulder right by my neck. I was in the water.
I blacked out.


 Should I continue?

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xbeccaannxo 1 decade ago
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CONTINUEEE. im hooked. and proud to be macy ^_^
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xoxo_kelcie123 1 decade ago
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Please continue!!! then can you tell me when the next chapter is?! i need to no what happeneds!!!! CONTINUE
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iamabanana 1 decade ago
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Really good(:
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helllyahhhhh 1 decade ago
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StephLovesBaking 1 decade ago
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lml31 1 decade ago
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this is really good! you should continue!
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Novsweetie97 1 decade ago
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yessss u should continue its really gud (:
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livelikeyourwriting 1 decade ago
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this is good!(:
i really like the format, too!
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KyleJessForever1234 1 decade ago
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Yes u should defiantly continue! I love this and I need to know what happens!!!
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