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Bieberfever27 1 decade ago
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thankk youu so muchh, that really helped me out alott! I wish you the best of luck at your private school next year and with your crush <3
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SIBUNAgurl64 1 decade ago
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okay me too girl. I am gonna apply for a new all girls private school for next year. I'll be leaving all my friends behind, not to mention my crush. I don't know how sad I'll be when I leave them all, but I know it will be bad. However when I think of my future I flip out that I'm not gonna get what I want or get to the collages that I need to get the job I want to live the right life. Its all so overwhelming. I think we need to follow our hearts. Really think. Ask yourself what you want, how your gonna get it and what you NEED. Remember you will always have your friends in your heart, but sometimes you'll need to split up to live the life God wanted you to. I know its hard, but we have technology, facebook them, email them, call them for talking jams, txt them. Its hard to let go, and the futures a scary thing. I know how you feel </3 good luck figuring it out... :/
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