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i am sorry that this is so long but i need some advise.. ok so

i am sorry that this is so long but i need some advise.. ok so there is this guy that i met through a friend well i guess we didnt actually meet but we txt like all the time.. anyways he is in love with this girl that hates my guts.... and one day we were both at the mall and i saw this really cute guy at one of the stores and my stomach dropped and i got butterflys in my stomach.. i dont know y tho it wasnt like i knew the kid. but now im txting him and he sent me a picture tonight and the guy that i saw was him!! i dont even know what to think and now he is talking about the girl that he likes so much but part of me likes him but i dont know  why because like i said before we have never met! i told him that he should ask her out but just saying those words makes me hurt so bad. what do you think is he worth the hurt?


originalitybeingoriginal 8 years ago
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I think its worth it, but maybee you should meet him first
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itiaax* 8 years ago
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Aww :( Whatever the situation is, remember that NO BOY ON THIS EARTH is worth your tears/hurt.
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posted September 2, 2011 at 12:02am UTC tagged with advice

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