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That Awkward Moment When Lorcan won't believe that he's

That Awkward Moment
When Lorcan won't believe that he's awesome or cute.

I love you like your my brother Lorcan! Your important to me and I really wish that you would believe that your awesome or at least cute or at LEAST that your eyes are freakin amazing!

If you guys don't know Lorcan look him up on here (Lorcan) he's super nice as long as your not a jerk to him. Can you please tell him or show him that hes loved? Please? For me? I really want him to know that people love him, that hes awesome, and hes cute. So go. Please tell him all those things.

Please for me?

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emilyandthatsall 1 decade ago
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everyone please go tell him hes amazing :D
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