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-THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE- -making someone who looks sad smile-a


-making someone who looks sad smile-a simple compliment from a stranger-old couples-holding doors for strangers who say thanks-long road trips at night-looking through old pictures-the smell after it rains-looking through school work from when you were young-fresh bread-sleeping on clean sheets-the first night of summer-the originality of peoples handwriting-when someone remembers something you said-people who smile no matter what-cute sneezes-people who remember you after meeting you once-hugs from behind-recalling fun times you had together, with your best friend-when a baby/little kid holds your finer-people who except you-laughing until your stomach hurts-knowing that you're loved-random compliments-watching old tv shows from your child hood-seeing a baby laugh-kisses on the forehead-wearing his clothes-inside jokes-nutella-driving in the car, windows down, on a summer day without a care in the world-warm clothes that just came out of the dryer-getting mail-good hugs-non-awkward silence-popping bubble wrap-being missed-the cold side of the pillow-marathons of your favorite tv show-peeing after holding it in for long time-catching up with an old friend-jeans that fit perfectly-long naps-untouched snow-songs that make you wanna dance-late night conversations-putting on legit underwear after wearing a thong all day-the sound of a perfect high-5-looking at old yearbooks-when you catch him looking at you-a new toothbrush-when he/she smells nice-just shaved legs-




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