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- wHeN i GoTtA sMiLe 0n My FaCe. ;; AnD a sPaRkLe iN mYy EyE..

- wHeN i GoTtA sMiLe 0n My FaCe. ;; AnD a
sPaRkLe iN mYy EyE.. tHaTs wHeN y0u Kn0w
- iM gUnNa.. * ..bReAk d0wN aNd cRy... =)

yA`yUuR s0 fLy`- wAnNa taKe
mE FoR a LiTtLe RiDdDeEe!? =)

`i wisH i c0uLd eXpLaiN wHaT i SeE iN y0uR eyEs...
h0w tHe s0uNd oF y0uR v0iCe givEs me ButTeRfLiEs
h0w y0uR sMiLe.. maKes maH hEaRt sKiP a BeAt...
y0uR tHe 0nLy 0nE wh0 maKes maH LiFe c0mpLeTe!!!

i NeVeR wAnNa sTaRt fRoM tHe BeGinNinG
BeCaUsE. iLL nEvEr Kn0w wHeRe tHe EnD is

i mAy n0t gEt t0 sEe y0u aS oFteN aS iD LiKe
i mAy n0t gEt t0 HoLd y0u ThRougH tHe niGht
BuT deEp iNsiDe my HeaRt i Kn0w iT iS tRuE.
n0 mAtTeR wHaT i d0... i'LL aLwaYz LoVe y0u

[-] * LoVe iS a WoRd, cReAtEd FoR tw0
LoVe iS a SeNsAti0n, FeeLiNgs s0 tRuE
But LoVe iSn'T LoVe iF iM n0t wiTh y0u

- iF u'Re sWeEt aNd SiNceRe iLL caLL y0u my DeaR.
iF u'Re KiNd aNd FunNy... i'LL caLL y0u my HunNy
iF u'Re CaRiNg aNd sMaRt y0u can b my SwEeThEaRt
[-] .. iF u'Re aLL tHe aBoVe y0u'Re my tRuE LoVe!!

tHeReS a sPaRkLe iN y0uR eYe ; tHaT 0nLy i CaN sEe
tHeReS a pLaCe iN y0uR hEaRt ; wHeRe i wAnNa Be.

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posted July 24, 2004 at 8:30am UTC tagged with love

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