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"So what's your excuse?" he asked; "For?"

"So what's your excuse?" he asked;
"For?" she questioned. "For acting the way you do." he said.
"I don't like to do what people expect.
Why should I live up to  other people's expectations
instead of my own?" she quipped.
He laughed, "So you disappoint them from the start 
& then you're covered, right?"

"Something like that," she replied.
"Well then you screwed up. You never disappointed me,"
                                                he told her.



mkbx2 1 decade ago
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best movie ever my fav!!!!
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smarterthanthou 1 decade ago
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Ah! I love this movie AND Heath Ledger!
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malpal98 1 decade ago
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BekyGirl1995 1 decade ago
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10 things i hate about you, when they're sitting on the porch steps covered in paint from the paint ball fight after she rescued him from detention by flashing her at the teacher, but he wont remember coz he was probably high from the dope he stole from the student. hahaha yea im am slightly familiar with this movie XD
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styleweird 1 decade ago
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10 Things I Hate About You? Love!!
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