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If my nine year old self saw me in the position I'm in today,

If my nine year old self
saw me in the position
I'm in today, you would
never have imagined it.
She thought I'd be popular,
laughing with all my friends.
She would've thought I'd
be in minidresses, partying,
rather than venting on my 
laptop and locking myself
in my room in tracksuits.
She would've thought
I'd be popular now, with
loads of friends, caring 
and helping me through 
the tiny troubles I have in
life. She'd think I'd have a
secret admirer who posted
silly notes in my locker, maybe
even a boyfriend who cared
and came round all the time.
She'd think I'd be all squeaky
and girly, pink lipstick and blue
eyeshadow. But, she's stuck
with a teenager in a hoodie
and eyeliner. My nine
year old self was so wrong.

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posted October 26, 2011 at 7:41am UTC tagged with vent

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