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She's laying down, music on. checkng her phone every few

She's laying down, music on.
checkng her phone every few minutes, praying he will text her, knowing he wont. She's wondering what girls he is texting and what girl he has wrapped around his finger. She smiles, their song comes on. It reminds her of everything. She quickly replays every kiss, every hug, every laugh, every date, everything in her mind. She misses him and she misses the way they used to be. A tear slides down her cheek, && finally, she just breaks down. He's over her now, && she wonders
'Why can't I let him go?'♥
He's shooting his basketball.
checking his cell phone in his pocket when it goes off, texting the new girl. Suddenly, she texts him something that reminds him of her... His old her. The girl he was madly in love. The girl that scared him so much to actually let her in and fall in love. So he ran away, breaking her heart in the process. He misses her smile and her laugh and the way he made her feel. He stops texting the new girl, and puts down the basketball. He reads their messages he never deleted, && wishes she would text him. But he knows she's probably over him now, && he wonders
'Why did I let her go?'♥

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xsweetlovexx 8 years ago
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makes my heart melt. (:
i love this kind of stuff!
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