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I like this guy. the first time i saw him was in my friends 15

I like this guy. the first time i saw him was in my friends 15 party he was an escort(may 2010). In 2011 around april i finally got introduced to him. We texted each other. tTwo days after he stopped txting me. A week after i finally meet him i asked him why he hadnt texted me he said oh i have a grilfriend we cant talk anymore. I told him wtf i just wanted to be friends nd if that let to more then i was ok with it nd he said oh ok.I asked him so do u still wanna be friends he said yeah. A week after that happen my friend thta had her 15 with him told me that he was leaving to join the national guard.My friend from the 15 also kinda liked him but she liked everyone.its been months since i have seen him. I found out he is coming back in december and my friend that tried to hook us up once is going to do it againg. Im so confused about him and everything...I just needed to vent and i also need help.If you can give me any advice please do it. It will help alot.

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posted November 27, 2011 at 3:14pm UTC tagged with vent

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