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Whisper Chapter 26 We slowly walked dowstairs and headed to the

Chapter 26

We slowly walked dowstairs and headed to the front door.
I grabbed hold of Ryan's hand, ready to fight for us.
He squeazed my hand, telling me he was ready too.
When we got to the front door, Ryan's mom had it propped open.
I could see my mothers car parked outside.
She was standing outside of it leaning against the door with an angry look on her face. I hadn't seen her like this in a while.
I heard her yell to me, and was scared this was the end of my life.
I held Ryan's hand tighter, not willing to let go.
I looked up at him and he wrapped his other arm around me in a half hug.
"Go with your mother, Anabel!" Ryan's mother said.
Ryan and I walked out the front door, still holding eachother.
"Oh no you don't. Your not going with her." Ryan's mom pulled on his shoulder.
He hit her hand away and we started to walk down the stairs.
I could now see the sweat on my mom's forehead and knew if she ever told Nicholas, I'd be dead for sure.
Ryan's mom took his other hand and jerked it back, pulling us both back towards the house.
"HEY!" my mom screamed. She started towards us. "You let go right now!"
My mother pulled on my other hand and soon Ryan and I were being pulled in opposite directions.
I was suprised our hands were holding out.
We were trying to pull towards eachother, out our mom's pulled hard at the exact same time and our hold broke loose.
Ryan's mom pulled him by the shoulders to try and get him towards his house.
My mom dragged me to the car with my arm flailing and legs kicking while I was screaming at the top of my lungs.
I wouldn't be suprised if the whole neighborhood was awake from all of our racket.
"Let go of her!" Ryan yelled to my mother, but she ignored him.
My mom pushed me into the backseat and slammed the door shut.
I waited until she was around the other side of the car before I burst out and ran to Ryan, screaming and crying.
He broke away from his mom and took me in his arms. 
We hugged one last time before my mom pulled me away and practically choked me in the process. 
She opened the door and took a piece of rope that she used to time my hands together.
She hooked my hands to the hook on the ceiling. 
I scremed from inside the car. 
Throwing myself around, trying to get loose.
I didn't know if this was technically child abuse, but I didn't care.
I couldn't be taken away from Ryan.
And what would his mom do to him? It wasn't his fault! 
My mom got int he car and drove a few minutes down the street to a motel.
She came around to my side of the car and unhooked me, keeping my wrists tied.
She unlocked the door and then relocked it when we got back inside.
Not wanting me to get a hold of the key, she stuck it in her bra.
She untied me and then fell asleep on one of the twin beds.
I walked to the other one and went to fall asleep.
I wasn't going to cry now, because this wasn't over.
I was going to win.
I knew my mom would have tons to say to me tomorrow, but ll that could wait.
I checked my phone and saw one new text.
Ryan: we shud keep the txting to a minimum. just wanted to know if u were safe?
I looked over to my mom, and quickly replied:
Yes im ok. im in some motel down the road, but dont worry. i love you
I got a quick "love u too" from Ryan and then I quickly drifted off to sleep.


Lalalauren99 1 decade ago
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i agree with idahl9468, this is amazing.
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ldahl9468 1 decade ago
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oh my gosh your story is so good!!! please keep writing and update soon :) u truley have a gift :) and i was wondering if u would read my story? deardiary9468 i would really appriciate it but u really dont have to :) but anyways love ur story!!! :)
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