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A Million And One Things Lilly’s POV I walked along the

A Million And One Things
Lilly’s POV

I walked along the narrow boardwalk towards the ocean. The wind blew my long brown hair across my face. 6 Whole weeks alone. Grandma, Grandpa, and me for six whole weeks. My life was inching towards a living hell. My friends were probably living it up back at home in NYC, with their boyfriends, and the city full of summer fashions that I got to miss out on. The most fun I would have on this ‘vacation’ would be reading a book on the beach, or finally catching a big wave on my surf board.  
  I brushed the hair out of my face, my mascara down my face, what was wrong with me? I was crying? Its not like I missed my parents that sent me off to this that much, they were having more fun on their 16th year, 6 week anniversary in Las Vegas. I should have been able to stay with Grace,  Elle, or maybe even Bridget, but no, I was sent to a 6 week stay in Maine with gram and gramps.  
“yeah gram?” I said turning around to face her 
“oh dear. Have you been crying?” she asked reaching for my un tanned face.  
“no salt water really does a job to my eyes!” I laughed 
"good,good!”she said back. Stroking her hand against my flowing hair. “Come inside darling, I'm starting dinner." 
"In a minute, I'm just going to take a quick walk along the beach, to find some new shells." 
"okay sweetie, no swimming, without me or gramp around."  
"okay" i waved, starting my journey along the beach.  
My toes sunk into the wet sand, the beach was almost empty as it neared 5 o'clock.A few surfers slid along the waves, the sun hung low in the sky, my favorite time of day. i sat down on the dry white sand, and just closed my eyes and listened to the waves. 
"woosh, woo-" 
i opened my eyes to see a wave coming towards me, a surfer screaming on top of it. i tried to dodge the huge wave, it was impossible. the tip of the yellow board knocked my head, i fell into the watery mess of sand and sea salt, and everything went black. 
"wake up, wake up" a wet hand touched my face. i opened my eyes slowly and looked around, blood was everywhere." i killed you, i bet this is like heaven and i bet your dead" the boy said, still holding my head. 
"I'm fine, really, i am." i said wiping the blood off the large cut on my forehead. 
"i owe you a million and one things." he whispered in my ear. 
"hmm... i could think of plenty of things you could do for me i mean you hit me with the bored" i laughed 
"no, I'm really sorry, so so so sorry." he said with a glimmer of a tear in his eyes. 
"oh shut up! I've gotten hurt worse" i hugged the stranger that i didn't even know, i just knew he was in desperate need of a hug. 
"I'm, I'm, Jay" he said, embracing me even more. this stranger, jay, seemed like he had known me for years. 
"I'm Lilly" i smiled, pulling him away, slowly.  
"let me take you home, live around here?" 
"I'm, staying at my grandparents for a while, 13 Beach side road, up that way" i pointed. 
"why hello neighbor" he grabbed my hand pulling me up to walk me home, this summer couldn't be ALL that bad...

folllowww, comment, love the feedback (: thankss guys!


xnevershoutsalena 1 decade ago
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OH DAMN. Are you from Maine?
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Rawer 1 decade ago
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Love it!

I finished MOST of it, I'm busy right now so I'll finish it later! But from what I read so far, AMAZING!
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AlexisCoral 1 decade ago
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Super good so far :) i cant wait to read the other chaptersss .. Ill start noww LOL
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mgiels 1 decade ago
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Love this story !! Keep on going :D
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LilyTree 1 decade ago
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So good! OMG, I like HAVE to keep reading now!
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verymadison4 1 decade ago
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hahah home state! its not that bad ;) love the story
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xxSuperStories12xx 1 decade ago
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hey didn't get to read all of it but i love it! thanks for commenting on my quote. :)))
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Becccapolk003 1 decade ago
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reaaallly goood !
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everlastinglaughs 1 decade ago
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kaila* 1 decade ago
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This is really good:D
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Erinlovesyouboo 1 decade ago
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I'm already in love this story,! It's amazing,! Please keep writing(:
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bayypointtgirl17 1 decade ago
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ahhh thiis is sooo goood!:) definitelly keep up with it!
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stillwaitingforyou 1 decade ago
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hey so you asked me for your feedback so im gonna give you my honest feedback; overall really good start and story line going on &youre a good writer! but make sure you add the chapter or part. also for future reference... when youre starting a story dont do a lot of background info in the first paragraph or so your first goal is to catch the readers attention then after theyre interested give them the back story. &yeah but overall it was really good:) keep writing!
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