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Dear Bestfriends i love all of you so much. you guys are my reason

Dear Bestfriends
 i love all of you so much. you guys are my reason to laugh, you inspire me to love, & you keep me grounded. honestly if it weren't for you i probably wouldn't be here today. each of you have your very own spot in my heart. i never want to let go of any of you. but sometimes i feel like i'm always on the outside of our group. in a way i don't always feel included i guess. but i know you guys love me so i usually just ignore that feeling. but sometimes i feel like you don't know me as well as you could. but i guess that's my own fault. sometimes you guys say that i seem depressed a lot. well maybe becuase i suffer from depression. it's not that savere, but it probably has a hand in why i seem depressed. especially w/ my past about my sister, i'm just alot more sensative to things then you might think. well besides that, i love you guys more than my words can say. love you.

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posted December 6, 2011 at 3:40pm UTC tagged with friendship

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