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I've been hiding my true feelings. I feel like I'm dead.

I've been hiding my true feelings.
I feel like I'm dead.
I'm being harrassed by a girl who has never talked to me in her life.

I     f e e l     s o     s m a l l      c o m p a r e d     t o     h e r .
I     a c t      l i k e       i t      i s n ' t       h u r t i n g      m e     b u t      i t     i s .
I'm scared one day, her and her friends are going to beat me up until
im almost dead. I don't know what to do. I always tell my friends that
i'm not afraid of her. The truth, is im not. I'm afraid she might get all her
friends to come attack me. After school today got a random text from some kid
who wants me to meet up with him tomorrow in school.. I don't know any Jasons. I asked him so many times who gave him my number and he wont answer. My mum called her friend who is a cop and he said it sounds like i'm
getting set up. Im scared to go to school tomorrow. I see this girl everywhere
in school and shes always either giving me dirty looks or saying something rude.
I don't know who will read this probably not many people. But who ever does,
I feel hopeless.

i'm scared. </3


dizzyblonde248 1 decade ago
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omg is everything okay now?! comment on mu profile if you wannaa talk! i'll try and help, keep your head held high!
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BabiiLovee 1 decade ago
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Get all evidence of her bullying you, and go to an authority with it all..
Just don't let her get to you, smile at her when she gives you dirty looks to prove to her that you are stronger than that.
I know it hurts hunny, but maybe she'll learn to let it go.
She is probably jealous. You seem like a sweet, innocent girl.
I promise, things will get better.
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veemaez1242 1 decade ago
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I'm not sure how much help this will give, but you can always talk to me. And I'll pray for you, I hope she is all talk and no action <3 much love
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cantstopcheer 1 decade ago
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please come talk to me. I can help.
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