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Dear Sister, are you angry at god for taking you so soon? if

Dear Sister,
 are you angry at god for taking you so soon? if you could change how your life was would you have taken away the disease? are you proud of me & what i've done. do you still love me? these are the questions that come to my mind when i think of you. theres really not much for me to say about you except that i miss you. i wish i could have your guidence right now. i really need someone here for me. i know if you were here you'd understand everything i feel. but you're not. camp sunshine is so much fun. i wish you could've come with us at least once. they had a swing for kids with wheel chairs there even! the food is really good too. i miss you michaela rae. & i love you. give Papa & Hope a kiss for me.
your little sister

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posted December 7, 2011 at 2:39pm UTC tagged with inspirational

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