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iblamehollywoodx3 1 decade ago
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you're not a mistake, don't think like that. we were all born for a reason.. maybe your reason is still to come. trust me, you aren't a mistake.. i'm here if you need to talk, believe you me i know how you feel
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capsized* 1 decade ago
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Noone is a mistake every single last person is a miracle.
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danceforever17 1 decade ago
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YOU ARE AMAZING<3 we all love you! don't ever feel like you can't talk to one of us or to anybody! this isn't the answer, you were put on this earth for an amazing reason, i believe in you, you are not a mistake! don't listen to the haters or whoever! just be yourself, and we all love you for who you are. the people that mind don't matter, and the people that matter don't mind. keep strong. if you ever need to talk to someone I am always here for you 1000000000% <3
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xolivelaghlveox 1 decade ago
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no, i do understand how you feel. honestly. if you are a mistake, this whole world is full of mistakes. ESPECIALLY the person who made you feel like a mistake, that was the biggest mistake they have ever made, trying to put you down. now that i've just said that word a million times and am confusing myself lemme slip a few inspirational words in here.. your absolutely amazing even though i don't know you, i know you deserve it every person on this earth does. trust me thats how i feel right now. i things up pretty bad in my life... some things i would never admit to, but did have changed my life forever... i regret them, yes you have MADE mistakes we all have but no one is a mistake. we are all here for some reason. even though it doesn't seem like it now down the road your life is going to be everything it cracked up to be.
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unic0rn 1 decade ago
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So what. you made one mistake. All humans do. Its part of life.You dont need to feel like this. Life will get better. I promise.Yoou are amazing and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.
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fableliz 1 decade ago
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Please don't say your a mistake );
If you made a mistake then try to fix it and if you can't then learn from it but please please DO NOT NOT NOT say that you are a mistake because if you're a mistake then so am I, No what I am wondering is WHY you think you are a mistake.......if it's something about work, friends, relationships,etc. and something went bad or you made a mistake well this is what My Mom would tell me - Life is hard, We learn from our mistakes. If you made a mistake and are able to fix it then FIX IT, but if you can't well at least try.......And Do Not Want To Ever Ever Hear Someone Else Say That They Are A Mistake,because here let me ask you this.......If you heard your friend your family member etc. say what you wrote up there what would you say? I don't want to be rude but you shouldn't bully yourself,yeah I know I do it alot(because I'm chubby,I think I'm ugly) But I DO NOT think that I am a Mistake ever hear this : Every Grey Cloud Has A Sliver Lining well you just have to find that Siler Lining in you problem.......Just Please Do Not say that YOU or ANYONE ELSE is a mistake

I hope you see that you are not a mistake,but a MIRCAL.
-With Love Liz
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sparkly_rain_bows321 1 decade ago
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youre not a mistake.
please dont see it that way.
i know how that is, clearly.
but you dont deserve that.
youre such an amazing person.
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posted December 15, 2011 at 8:10pm UTC tagged with vent

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