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My grandma just passed away She was my best friend She died because

My grandma just passed away
She was my best friend
She died because of lung cancer & brain cancer.
For a year she stuggled to do things.
She was the strongest person I have ever met.
For the last 3 months she could barely walk, never ate and was in pain 24/7.
A couple weeks ago i sat down in her bed & i talked to her.
She said "Babygirl the only things that are keeping me alive are those pills
& a little bit of faith."
My cousin was pregnant with her great grandson.
He was born November 29th.
He's the most perfect baby I've ever seen.
She was so excited to see him.
As soon as they came home with him, they placed him in her arm.
It was such a beautiful moment
& she knew that once she got to see him, it was time to go.
I'm said to see her leave, but she's in a better place & in no more pain.
She is reunited with my grandpa who died 3 years ago.

I miss them so much. 


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