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You might not believe that I recovered from autism, But the


You might not believe that

I recovered from autism,

But the truth is, I did. So don't judge me or accuse me of

anything. I was diagnosed when I was 4 years old. Me and

my bestfriend, Ariel, prayed to God everyday and night

for 7 years. And one day, our prayers were answered. I

love God, he's my savior.. I'm not Christian, a jesus freak,

or a bible thumper, or any other steryotype. I simply

believe in miracles.

If you're still reading this, Thank you.

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LaurynM 5 years ago
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im so glad that youre cured!
it really is a miracle:)
im happy 4 u!
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littleleftofthemiddle 5 years ago
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lovin how you kept your head up, babe :) Im glad you were cured. I'm upset with that second half of that quote, though.
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kittykat987 5 years ago
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thts amazing!! my cuzins (yes multipe) have autism, severe autism. and it sucks. i wish the could get cured.
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LibbyKinsCaron 5 years ago
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awe, my brother has autism.. :(
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cupcakes4eva 5 years ago
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that's really awesome! & my name is almost the same as your friend! :)
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[deleted] 5 years ago
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I would fave but wittys bein dumb :( so ill try later
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no_way 5 years ago
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how did you cure autsim cause this really mean person in our grade has it
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