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My girlfriend is busy and my family are out and I'm too sick

My girlfriend is busy and my family are out and I'm too sick to go with them, so I decided to come on Witty again.
I logged on to over 100 notifications. 60 new followers, more favorites on all of my quotes, and pages of comments.
Really, I'm amazed.. I'm reading through all of the comments right now, almost in tears, and I'm just so glad that I have managed to make a difference to some people's lives.
Thanks for everything Witty, you're all amazing people, and Happy Christmas to all of you <3
- FramingMatthew



storydiva4eva 1 decade ago
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happy xmas and stay strong. we are all with you :)
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mol* 1 decade ago
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i love you...please stay strong...all these people on witty are saying they're crying...i bet they aren't but me...kI'm not either...i dont cry about much...but yeah i rather tell the truth than lie...but so then heres the truth-i have never met you...k i prob never will...i will never meet anyone from witty...but i wish i could meet you...i wish you were right by me always so i could tell you in person to stay strong. but that will never happen. i want to say i love you but i dont. i dont like lies either...but if you knew me you wouldnt love me...thats okay because we're human...nothing else...and we aren't perfect either...your prob not even reading this...but if you are, comment back...because then....then i would cry...then i would love you

aka molly
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BJxlover1999 1 decade ago
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I hope you had a great christmas/ Chanukah or whatever holiday :-)
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FramingMatthew 1 decade ago
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Haha, thanks ♥
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punkyally99 1 decade ago
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because we love you :)
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posted December 24, 2011 at 11:34am UTC tagged with love

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