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I was reading facebook last night when I came across this post

I was reading facebook last night when I came across this post from a guy at my school. 

"Why are girls so stuck up??? After witnessing some buddies get deprived of relationships, because a girl refuses to go after the guy. "The Chase". I understand why chicks prefer it, but come on. Cut us guys some slack, we can't always pursue you. Especially when you are stubborn and make it harder than heck. Plus girls complain about a guy not liking them or not giving them what they want., we try our best, but when you act like your bi-polar and change your likes or ignore us, we don't know what you want. So how about girls suck it up and actually try. At least once, let us know you are interested. Demean us, then expect us to know what you want. Please be generous, at least help us out a bit. Thanks for reading"
This is so  true.  Us girls?  We suck.



Loveandpolkadots 1 decade ago
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if I could like your comment I would.. so *like* haha
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FramingMatthew 1 decade ago
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Finally someone gets it!
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