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New Year's Resolution. Stop hiding behind my fake smile,

Stop hiding behind my fake smile, Dance like there's no one watching, Get out there and talk to people more, Face my biggest fears, Tell the truth when someone asks me "What's Wrong", Find a boy who wouldn't break my heart, Sing like there's no one listening, Say what needs to be said, Throw away my stupid pointless habits, Try to think past my Dyslucia, Wear what I want because I love it, Wave and smile at the girl who doesn't like me, Love like I've never been hurt, Stop obsessing over all the pointless junk, Walk into school with no makeup and feel GOOD, Stop tearing myself apart, Write another book, Teach someone something, Change someone's life in the most possitive way possible, Walk up to random strangers and say "Your Beautiful", Live like there's no tomorrow, Turn my Guilty Pleasures into HAPPY pleasures, and most importantly, confess all that I've been through in

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