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Please Read ! . Cyberbullying Can Be A Serious Problem. Bullying

Please Read ! . 
Cyberbullying Can Be A Serious Problem.
Bullying is becoming a serious issue all around the world. Kids being bullied physically and even over the internet. People are creating fake profiles to harass others such as children and even children. Even if it may not seem serious by being bullied, it can be. Many people now have low self-esteem, always doubting themselves, and even worse, committing suicide. Don't monitor you're children 24/7 and invade their privacy, but try to keep an eye on what they do. Adults should think about this before making fake profiles to harass other children, how would they like it if it was there child? If you're childs behavior changes, sit down and talk to them. They will need you more than ever during a time of bullying. Try to prevent bullying by keeping your nasty thoughts to yourself and don't give out your personal information that could be spread by a bully, or even a friend. If you see someone being bullied stand up and stick up for them. Bullies should not get away with stuff like this. If this happens to you, talk to someone as soon as possible to get help. Sometimes it's even helpful to find someone who has went through the same thing that you can talk to and you could even help each other. Think about this next time you see bullying taken place or even if you're bullied. We all deserve a life, no matter what our lives are like. ♥. - Typed myself . 

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