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Catch Me if You Can Chapter 32 I couldn't help but hold in

Catch Me if You Can
Chapter 32
I couldn't help but hold in my breath as I looked in his gorgeous sea green eyes.
A knot began to tighten in my throat, as I realized how much I missed Harry.
I waited and waited for his gaze to connect to mine, but I was devasted when they never did.
I sucked in a deep breath, gnawing on my lower lip.
Why wasn't he acknowledging my existence?
Had he forgotton about me, and moved on to some beautiful tanned model in Florida?
"Harry! Come join the party!" Gerald grinned, handing him a can of beer.
I watched emotionlessly, as Harry popped open the can, chugging down the beer.
I stood alone like an absolute idiot, as Harry brushed by me, without even taking a short glance at me.
I frowned, as I turned around, just to see him walking away further towards the bonfire.
My eyes began to prickle with tears, as I clenched my fists tightly.
Harry had forgotten about me.
To avoid creating a scene, and killing the mood of the party, I spun on my heel.
My sandals slid against the sand, as I began to sprint away from the beach.
The further I ran, the smaller the blazing fire appeared to me.
My vision was blurry, as I dug my nails into my skin.
How pathetic was I to hold on to Harry, while he forgot about me?
I didn't even run further than a block, when I heard footsteps catching up with me.
I turned around, as my hair whipped in my face.
I watched, as Harry jogged towards me.
I gulped, as my heart began to beat faster.
"Excuse me, miss." he panted.
I blinked back a tear, as I croaked out, "Yes?"
Harry reached in his pocket, as I held in my breath.
He took out a necklace, the one that I was wearing tonight.
"You dropped your necklace." he smiled gently, dropping the silver necklace in my palm.
My heart dropped to the bottom of my gut, as I clutched onto the necklace tightly.
"T-thanks." I stuttered out, staring at Harry with disbelief.
Harry gave me another award winning smile, as he ran a hand through his mop of brown hair.
"I should go back to the party now. Do you want to come?" he asked.
I swallowed. Harry really didn't recognize me there before.
I took in a deep breath, almost too mesmerized by his matured looks to speak.
His muscles were a bit toner, as his face became much more manly and muscular.
I shook my head, as I backed up from Harry. "No thanks."
I watched as a worried frown appeared on Harry's face.
Harry licked his lips, before biting down on one.
"Um, would you happen to know someone named Colby around here?" his husky voice spoke.
I felt my eyes slightly widening.
I was glad that he was taking the time to look for me, but I was disappointed that he hadn't recognize me, after everything we had been through.
The moment I saw Harry, I recognized him right away.
But, I guess he never liked me enough to do the same for me.
I sighed, as I shook my head.
"No, I don't know anyone named Colby." I quivered.
Harry shrugged, before giving me a small smile.
"Thanks, anyway. I'll see you sometime."
I nodded, as I watched him turn around and walk back towards the party.
Gerald's Point of View:
I took a sip of beer from my red cup, as Harry jogged back up on the beach.
"Hey man, where were you?" I asked.
Harry grabbed a cup off the table, taking a sip himself.
"I was just returning some necklace a girl dropped."
I wiggled my eyebrows jokingly. "Really? Who, was she hot?"
Harry punched my shoulder playfully. "I guess she was. I didn't catch her name, though."
I frowned. "What was she wearing?"
Harry shrugged. "Some white dress?"
My eyes began to widen, as my eyes roamed around the party.
Colby was wearing a white dress... and as of now, Colby was no where in sight.
I groaned, narrowing my eyes at an oblivious Harry.
I slapped my forehead.
Harry, you're so stupid.


sk8ter_gurl_17 1 decade ago
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i love this story sooo much! and i was crying and then laughing, i cant help but get into the story! and harry, reminds me of harry styles and that is something harry would do:P lol, im assuming it was suppose to be him because the way you described him is the same :) btw, u are the best writer i have ever seen on witty :) < 3 xxx
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GreenDinosaurz 1 decade ago
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"Harry, you're so stupid.♥"
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Ellie124 1 decade ago
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if this book ends like that
i will die
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taylorswiftfanxx16 1 decade ago
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need more im having a horrible day and these make my days 10000 times better.moremoremore
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hollisterchic687 1 decade ago
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nextt chapterr? this is insanelyy gooodd. i did start to cry too. hahahha
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lillylovee 1 decade ago
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You hardly ever post! :(
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sarahluv983 1 decade ago
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plz just 1 more! :) tanks.
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one tonight plz love this
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alexa21300 1 decade ago
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pleasee right more!
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uraskinme 1 decade ago
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! my favorite chapter yet!
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Briberry 1 decade ago
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Moooooooooooooorrrrrrreeeeeeee pllzzzzz
Chpter 33. 34. 35. More more more
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PerfectTomorrow 1 decade ago
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Ahh at first i thought he was just kidding about not knowing who she was D:
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XPancakesAreBeastX 1 decade ago
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Oh holy cheese *-*
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mariabeach247 1 decade ago
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omg soooooooo intense just read the entire story tonight! <3 please write more i could soo c this as a book
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Justinbieber143 1 decade ago
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chap 33 tonite please!!!!!!!!!
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angiela22 1 decade ago
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omg )':
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vioilin101 1 decade ago
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Harry you twit!
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soccerbabe7 1 decade ago
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ahhh this is my favorite chapter of this story so farrr(:
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