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The Boy from Above Chapter 5 It was already the next morning

The Boy from Above
Chapter 5

It was already the next morning after the "date" TJ and I had.
It was truley amazing.
I woke up and frowned.
No noise from TJ today?
I just cracked my back and made myself breakfast.
My phone started vibrating and I looked at the person who texted me.
TJ? The text said: Don't come upstairs 
What was he hiding? More importantly why did I care?
I yawned and texted back: Ok
He was acting odd. Oh well. None of my buisness. "WHO IS SHE?!" screeched a high pitched voice from upstairs. "Who are you referring to babe?" asked TJ. "THIS GIRL WHO TEXTED YOU! Ev? Ev....Evang elitine!" "Its Evangeline. And she's just a friend." Just a friend? 
I felt hurt but the argument was still going on. 
"Don't EVER talk to me again. We're through."
I heard their door slam and then I heard some sighing. 
I took my broom and banged on the cieling. "Just a friend?" I shouted.
I was also silent.
He had a girlfriend and he still went out with me.
I don't think I could trust him anymore. Whatever. I grabbed my headphones and drowned my sorrows in the sweet noise of music and flopped on my couch. 
There was nothing I could do. I was "just a friend" and thats all I ever will be.
I started to slowly fall asleep and eventually did.

TJ's point of view:
I woke up from a long night. What happened?
I remember going out with Evangeline and then when I got home we had alchohol.
Ohyea and Eric had hookers....or wait....was my hooker an ex-girlfriend?
I dunno but I had a heck of a hangover. 
I was missing my shirt but I still had on some basketball shorts....these weren't even mine?!
Ugh I needed more sleep. "Good morning babe." said a girl who popped out from under the sheets.
"Um hi?" I replied back not even paying attention.
"You were AMAZING last night." she complimented.
"K." I said while I was texting Evangeline.
"You should go." I told the girl. 
"Oh yea? I should go-" she was interrupted by my phone vibrating.
She snatched it before I could and started screaming at me. 
I rolled my eyes and then I rememeber her slapping at me.
I should probably go make sure Evangeline got home safely.
The girl I didn't even know left and I walked downstairs to her apartment. 
It seemed to be unlocked.
I  slowly opened the door and heard light snoring from the couch.
I looked over and saw Evangeline looking as beautiful as ever.
She looked cold.
I laid down with her and pulled the blankets over us and I held her.
She was beautiful.
I started drifting off and eventually fell asleep with Evangeline still in my arms.

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