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The Quiet One Section 4 Jamie spent her weekend, listening to

The Quiet One
Section 4

    Jamie spent her weekend, listening to music, writing and crying. She always seemed to do this. She would be feeling a little bit down, so she’d try to listen to music to cheer her up. Music was always the words she couldn’t speak, it always described her with words that she didn’t know how to use.
    That weekend when Jamie was feeling down she turned on some music; but did it make her feel better? No…no it did not. She was listening to it in hopes for it to make her feel better…but since she was already feeling down, she couldn’t help but listen to sad and depressing music; which only brought her mood down even more. Jamie started to cry…she laid there in her bed, crying, with the sound of Safe and Sound  by Taylor Swift, blasting through her room.
    She laid there and silently cried. She cried more than ever, and she didn’t even know why. Well, looking back on it she knew it was just bottled up emotions from weeks and months all put together. Jamie was never the one to let people know they were getting at her. But in times like that, she couldn’t help but cry.
    For Jamie, crying was the worst feeling in the world. It made her feel vulnerable, and unsafe. Two of the worst feelings a teenage girl could ever feel. Whenever she cried, she felt insecure, and like the smallest little thing could break her.
    Jamie sucked up all her emotions that Monday morning though. She walked into school, yet again hoping to see the boy without a name. But this morning she didn’t see him, and somewhere deep inside…it hurt her. Although she said she wasn’t going to think about him anymore, and she wasn’t going to get ahead of herself and start to think about him, or to try anything new just because of him…she still did.  She thought about him a lot that morning, and ended up thinking about him for a while that day. She couldn’t help but wonder his name…but as well as the different things about him.
    Jamie more than ever now, just wanted to talk to him and get to know him…although she was scared that she’d never be able to get up the courage to do so. She sat in the library that day, not having any classes due to exams. She listened to music as she surfed the inter-web, as she called it for no particular reason.
    Jamie looked out the window, snow was falling on that cool January morning. It was January 17th, and Jamie new that was her day of a new beginning.

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