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~conflicted~ i dont know what to do. ive never conflicted with

i dont know what to do. ive never conflicted with my mind like this before. everytime i think of it, it makes me ant to cry... then i remember people are around me and i put on my smile and try to act the same. ive loved him for so long, all i would think about  was him and every time he txted me i would blush and smile at the thought of him. now i try not to think of him and whenever he texts me i feel... strange, like im a bad person. his friend said he is starting to like me and we are getting closer each day he is one of my best friends, but thats the problem. im starting to think of him as a friend and nothing more. i really wish i didnt feel this way but i think i might be falling out of love with him, and i miss him already. i kno im bad for him anyway and i know that if he decides that he really does like me, that i can no longer speak to him... end any pain and conflicting minds. i really need to clear my head... to tell someone but i dont know if i can tell anyone. im afraid and i dont know why.


camdenicole 9 years ago
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no this is about anold friend of mine. i have written one about him tho. i just havent had a chance to put it up
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creativeXname 9 years ago
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Hm can this be who i think it is??
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posted January 18, 2012 at 9:45pm UTC tagged with poems

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