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~loss~ there are so many emotions in me that i feel as if i may

there are so many emotions in me that i feel as if i may explode. all of the tears are welled up inside of my chest begging for an escape but i refuse to let them leave because i know the moment i start to cry, i may never be able to stop.at this point i dont know what to do, i couldnt take it if i lost him and i fear i might. the pain is overwhelming and i dont know what to do or how to deal with it but it hurts. the tears are dripping onto my cracked broken heart like acid and ripping holes right through it. i am a mess and im forced searching for a solution to my happiness again. it left me long ago and ive been too busy searching for a substitute to realize that its right infront of me, teasing me,threatening to leave me alone in the darkness again. i dont think i can stand going back there. things happen. you find yourself lost in insanity from being alone and start to imagine stuff. voices. whole conversations. its depressing and i cant bare the thought of it ever returning to me .

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posted January 18, 2012 at 10:00pm UTC tagged with poems

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