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tht feelin u get wen things r goin great n u over react to

tht feelin u get wen things r goin great n u over react to it seems like they look at u like u hav 3 heads and u can just feel them slowly losin grip on al there feelings for u..times like this i wish i had my last goodday wit her..n slept wit my ancestors in heaven tht if ur readin this, im sorry..i wish i nvr hurt u..i wish i nvr made u think of me tht way..ur my babygirl, always hav been..always will b..u dint lie to me to hurt me..u lied to keep me keep me from acting out the way i did last night..and hearing u cry broke my no tht I was the reason u were hurtin...i was the reason for u to sit in a corner n shut ur self out..sorry wont take the pain from last night away, but like ive said..we cnt change the past..but we can alter the future..together, we can change it..hand in hand..i promise..i love u to much to let go..this is the only thing my dad doesnt creep on so i can tel u how i rlly u mean the world to me..n for sum reason, i think ul nvr no exactly wat i feel for u..but il go to any level of extent to show u tht u r my world..ur wat makes me smile at the worst times..wen im wit u n i get agrivatd, u come up behind me n rap ur arms around me..hold me close n not let go until i turn around n kiss u n giv u a smile..n u no my real smiles from my fake, so u no im not liein wen i tell u im pretty sure ul nvr read this anyways so..i just wntd to type wat i feel so maybe,,just maybe..sumday ul realize wat u mean to i mean this more than ive EVA ment it to anyone..Casey, i love much..just tell me u love me back..n il b able to make it thru the night,,<3


JimmyDe97 9 years ago
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thts my girl...i love u too..<3
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koalabearlove 9 years ago
show buttons I love you..james!c':♥
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