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The monster within chapter 25 Kristens pov i woke up in a hospital

The monster within            

chapter 25 

  Kristens pov
i woke up in a hospital
connors face was in shock when i woke up
"omigod kristen your awake!"
he screamed. he ran over and hugged me.
"yea when did i get here"
i asked trying to sit up
"a week ago, youv'e been asleep for a week.. i was so worried"
he said holding back tears.
"hey connor? im not going anywhere"
i said and i pulled him down into a big kiss.
Then my parents walked in
"kristen i told them everything.."
connor said
i yelled
"kristen, why didnt you tell us?"
said mom bawling
"i though you'd hate me.."
i said
"kristen we love you"
said mom and bert at the same time.

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