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The World Unspoken My original poem They say they love the soft

The World Unspoken

My original poem

They say they love the soft hearted

But beat them till they are calloused

They say be sweet no don't be so mean

But the mean ones always triumph

What does the world want me to be?

Be soft, then hard, but then not hard

What do they all want from me? see

They say just try to be yourself

But that is to displease others

How do you live such a vexed life?

They applaud the bold in public

But speak otherwise behind closed blinds

But say speak your mind, to be free

But no it is to be confined

They consistently pity themselves

Saying woe is to me, but call others weird

Is that not to contradict the law

Which they have created for their lives to define their sorrow?

Why do you love such a pitiful life

Where nothing is settled

And the meaning of peace is separation from others?

How do you blame the lonely and distant

For wanting to be away and untouched by this

They are the ones who see the truth

With the disaster ignorance causes

So what is the lesson?

To be distant and unhappy or close and ignorant

Then there are those who see

But being in control choose to torture others

Ah, what a world without christ to save me.


- Xandy


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