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hello witty i'm sorry. i'm sorry i haven't been there

hello witty

    i'm sorry. i'm sorry i haven't been there for you. i'm sorry i left, it's just i have so much going on in my life that i let this website slip away, and there's no room for it in my life anymore. to start off, my parents found my witty. i stupidly left it up on the family monitor. they were ashamed of what i was putting up on here, so i deleted all my quotes, comments ect that were "demeaning." i felt like i was trying to erase my past, which we all know can't happen. it hurt, looking through all my 113 quotes was like a scrapbook of my life for the past year and a half. then i left. without telling anyone. i left. since then things have been going well in school, sports, with my friends and what not. i was happy. then i found tumblr, and loved it. it was just like witty and guess what, my parents found that too. asdfghjkl i'm like cursed with hiding things like this. anyway, now that i've looked at all i put about myself online, i felt bad. i have a house, loving parents, food on my table, and am getting a great education so i have nothing to complain about. nothing, i have it pretty great compared to other. my point, instead of turning to the razor or pills for what bad is happening, count whats good, and your bound to smile. you all have the power to be strong. i don't regret witty. it helped me mature so much. without these quotes i'd just be some bratty girl who called people ugly behind their backs and used   the words "gay" and "retarded" inappropriately. but away from witty i learned that i can be confident and independent. you only live once, so i want to live it to the fullest. in fact. in three short years, i'm going to be an adult and i can't just sit around and talk about doing things, i have to do them. i don't want any regrets. i am not going to think"oh i should have" or "i wish i." i am going to look back and smile at all the crazy stuff i did. you are all beautiful and amazing and i will never ever forget you.

 wilnever forget you

special shout out to humperdink13, xoxograndchamp,

xoalicecullenxo, thebrokensmile, xoxpaigexox3 and

hannahlovesxox for always being their for me. talk to

me soon?


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xoxograndchamp 9 years ago
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molly <3 i miss u. idk if your ever gonna see this but you've been such a great friend to me. send me a message on tumblr when u get a chance
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