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so last night, me and the boy of my most possibly best dreams

    so last night,
             me and the boy of my most possibly best dreams had a date together.
he came to my house after school, and helpped me with some of the boxes we used to move in, then, he picked me up and kissed me as if to say "dont ever let go". after we were done, my dogs new owner came to pick her up, and as i said my last goodbye to her, i started to cry, pretty bad too. he pulled me aside and told me that it was ok, and she would be happy there, and kissed my forehead and made me smile by ticklng me .:) then we went to the movies together, and he took me to see the vow, and he held me the whole time. and to top it all off, on the way home, he had me lay on his shoulder and i fell asleep, and when he noticed, he kissed the top of my nose and rubbed my stomach, just like my nana did when i had bad dreams:)<3
soo, who is this boy?
my fiance. :)<3
forever and always<3:) 


Honnabee 9 years ago
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hehe i love you too :) <3
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jonnyboy 9 years ago
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i love you baby i'd do anything for you forever and always :) <3
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