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it's so hard to be strong when you can't do anything

 it's so hard to be strong
when you can't do anything right. when you're always set up for failure. when you're second best. when you're second choice. when you don't know who you are anymore, and if you're honest, you don't even want to know. when you're fat and that isn't changing no matter what diets, pills or excersises you try. when people in your life need you but you can't even fix yourself, let alone them. when you're afraid of yourself, your own mind. when you don't even know what you're capible of doing to your body. when you don't what you're capable of lying about or who you're capable of lying too. when you're screaming for everything to just come to an end. when you feel as if you're living every mistake you've ever made. when you're crying for every person you've ever hurt. when you're a mess, just a useless, disgusting, unwanted mess. when you're made of flaws.
when you're so broken

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