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♦Some people..♦ come into your life and completely

♦Some people..♦
come into your life and completely change it around. Like the way you were living before was all upside down. This person made you see things that you never really noticed before, but now you see every where you go. You find this person in everything you do, whether it's going out to eat at a certain restaurant, watching a certain TV show, or just picking up your phone and realizing they haven't texted or called you lately. You start to miss them everyday that you don't speak to each other, because you know that you have so much to share with them and they mean the world to you so you want them to be apart of your life. Each moment that passes your hoping and wondering if they miss you, just the same. You wonder if you have made a difference in their life? If you mean to them, as much as they mean to you? But there is this small piece of you that thinks they don't care at all.. So you start to drift away from them, thinking your just going to get hurt in the end and you think your saving yourself, but in all reality your just hurting yourself more and more. But if they truly cared, wouldn't they have at least asked you what has been going on, instead of just continuing to do their own thing..I mean wouldn't they miss you a little if you weren't there considering you miss them, everyday..? I guess it's true what people say "Some people come into your life, Change you, and then leave without explanation", but it hurts so freaking bad, especially if they helped you become who you are. You think I would be use to this by now... since this makes the third person, that just up's and walks away..I must make it very easy to walk out of my life considering no one is 
ever fighting to stay..♦  

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