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it seem like > y.o.u < l0ve me when s.h.e is g0ne but when

it seem like > y.o.u < l0ve me when s.h.e is g0ne
but when s.h.e is ar0und...y0u d0nt kn0w me
when we are al0ne...y0u like M.E m0re
y0u play with me. . .y0u use M.E
what we did..what we had.. d0 y0u see n0w...
d0 y0u see what y0u d0 t0 M.E?
all these tears i >c<R>y< seem to be f0r y0u. . .
but h0w c0me y0u d0nt see? can y0u tell me why?
because i am sitting here while y0u with her..
i >c<R>y< y0u ask .w.h.y.?
l0ve is B..L..I..N..D but even a blind person c0uld ^s^e^e^
h0w much y0u mean t0 M.E
W.E could have S...O...M...E...T...H...I...N...G maybe M<>O<>R<>E
BUT when y0u say JUMP..s.h.e says HOW >>h..i..g..h<<
because y0u kn0w she l0ves y0u and w0uld d0 anything t0 keep y0u
with her..and d0 anything t0 keep M.E away fr0m Y.O.U
but remember.. i will A.-.l.-.w.-.a.-.y.-.s L**O**V**E Y.O.U

i mean everyword of this and its my first submition.. and i NEED this to be understood.. this is ALL MIINE.. <33 emm

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posted October 28, 2004 at 5:33pm UTC tagged with break up

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